Business Processes

How often have you heard? “Have your work stream call my work stream or, my workflow is more important than your workflow.” gMg recognizes and appreciates the underlying principles of workflow and business process management and today’s culture to get the work done smarter, cheaper and faster. Business processes are divided into three categories “Management processes,” Operational processes,” and “Supporting processes.” Management is further divided into two groups, “Governance” and “Strategic Management.” Operational processes comprise the core business requirement and create the workflow stream. Supporting processes are those that sustain the core processes.

gMg is a leader in business process innovation and decomposes business processes into sub-processes that have their own attributes which contribute to achieving the end goal. gMg has countless tools available and business architects, and analysts for its public and private clients that analyze and map business processes down to an activity level. gMg designs new processes to add value and increase the client’s effectiveness and efficiency. gMg is widely known for its ability to develop processes to support end-to-end or Enterprise or cross-department activities that create and deliver efficient and organized business functions while gaining buy-in from the consumer. Why continue to work with outdated or dysfunctional processes, contact gMg today!