Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Health Administration

The Chief Business Office and Employee Education System required strategic planning, acquisition training, employee development, and toolkits. Both organizations were experiencing lengthy procurement lead times generated by excessive rework and broken communications. It was gMg Management, Inc. (gMg) job to provide spend analyses, strategic planning, Service Level Agreements, training, and creation of toolkits which included templates, tracking tools, and best practices. gMg provided each office a structured approach to improve capability, timeliness and communications for their Acquisition Program. Each Strategic Plan established common goals and objectives that improved critical outcomes. Each organization has developed fault-free working relationships and significant reduced lead times for their requirements.


Office of Informatics and Analytics had several requirements in the queue that supported health information and health management services. Requirements were forever delayed given the burden of developing fault-free and regulatory compliant acquisition packages. This office has significant responsibility to VHA patient care area to ensure that information technology solutions met functional and business requirements. gMg interviewed each Program Manager to extract requirements and reducied the language to layman’s terms and developed complete and executable acquisition packages. Using the structured interview approach and gMg’s five-easy step process immediately removed the burden from the Program Managers.


Office of Information and Technology, Office of Informatics and Analytics and Chief Business Office Each organization had multi-million dollar and complex national requirements that were difficult to define and reduce to a Performance-Based Acquisition. These major program requirements directly impacted patient care. gMg facilitated large working groups; provided Acquisition Subject Matter Experts, and document management services. gMg employed change and conflict management, goal setting and action planning, interpersonal communications, problem solving techniques, team building to formulate acquisition strategies and consensus acquisition packages.

VA and other Federal Agencies


Acquisition Training gMg delivers FAC C/COR/PM, risk management for complex contracts training regularly to Federal program managers and contracting officers as well as proposal development, FAR and contract performance compliance, and proposal evaluation to large and small businesses whether on-site or through public forums, e.g., NCMA World Congress and NCMA chapters.